Rules and Regulations
We don’t have limit on withdrawal?
Withdrawal can be done once in a day
All withdrawals will complete within an hour only
Withdrawal will be available any time without commission for 24*7
We allow clients to withdrawal any amount anytime and everyday.
For casino you can win maximum 10X last your deposit in a day

Refill Rules
Deposit Done With Payment Details Will Only Be Valid.
Payment Slip-ID Site To Be Given For Deposit.
Waiting Time For Refill – Minimun 1 Minutes – Maximum 05 Minutes
Do Not Waste Your Time And Ours By Giving Fake Slip

Gaming Rules
There Is a Chance of 1-2% that site will be down due to some reason at any point of time. In cases all the bets will be valid.
We will not be held responsible for site error at any point of time profit/loss in such scenarios will be completely valid.
Casino settling is done by the site. So any error in setting will not be our responsibility profit/loss in such cases will totally belong to the client.

In case of a bet not being settled and left in exposure please wait for 48-72 hours for the settlement. If does not get settled even after that please contact us.
Only two bets valid on tie. If you place more than two bets, loss will be valid & profit will be void

Let's Play and Earn Big.